Online Money Making Approaches that Became Very Popular in 2016

There are various different strategies and ways that can be adopted by you for making money online. Some of these methods are more seasonal in nature and many others are evergreen. The base for making money through the internet is Traffic. If you are able to generate ample traffic then things can become very easy for you. In this article we will be sharing with you some of the unique approaches that were utilized in 2016 as far as online money is concerned. These approaches have been discussed in the proceeding headings.

Online Coach

If you are someone who has gained expertise in his or her particular field, then the best option for you is to open an online coaching program. Many people have successfully used this approach in 2016 hence you can also do it, if you have the means. Due to technical growth the creation of membership sites has become very easy. You can offer your program on one of these membership sites and get paid.

The internet is not a credible forum as far as specialized information is concerned. People get confused after reading contradictory information about similar topics. Hence the demand for an expert coach is always there. If you are someone who is an expert in fashion then you can start fashion coaching. Similarly if you specialize in finance then you can start a coaching program in this field.

Making good videos is absolutely necessary for you if you want to make your coaching program successful. There are many ways through which you can launch your online coaching and the best way is to utilize a platform like Udemy.


By marketing here we mean affiliate marketing which has been one of the most preferred methods in 2016 as far as making money online is concerned. For affiliate marketing you do not need to develop any kind of products. All the efforts and hard work will be done by the product owner. Your job would be to generate traffic and to guide that traffic towards the advertised product. Affiliate marketing is not that easy and some level of skills is necessary for it.

Digital Product

There have been cases in 2016, where people have earned money by selling digital products. Developing a digital product is not that difficult; all you need to do is to put your thinking cap on and generate the most creative ideas. Once the idea is generated then after that you need to get in some writers who can work on platforms like Freelancers and Truelancer.


By advertising here we mean direct advertising. The concept of Direct Advertising prevailed in the year 2016. Direct Advertising is a good way through which you can make money online. However this is a specialized field hence you need to learn about the concept before practically applying it. If you are interested in direct advertising then you should read about it and become a professional in the field.


Making money online or through the internet is something which has become very popular in recent years. There are many reasons behind the boom of this concept and today more and more people are moving towards it. People are happy working from their homes and earning easy money.