Merits and Demerits of Making Money through Internet

Internet has transformed our life and has made communication very fast. The Internet is also a very good medium as far as online business is concerned. There are various ways through which one can make money online through internet. In this article we will see both the bright and dark side of making money through internet.


We will first of all look into the advantages of making money through the internet. Some of these merits or advantages are as follows

  • The possibilities of making money online are endless and if you type the keyword “online money” on Google then the results will be unlimited. Apart from known money making concepts like copywriting and online selling, there are many other websites also emerging that can pay you for some other unique activities.
    • The internet has transformed into a marketing arena which means that the money making opportunities for you here are uncountable. You can earn some serious cash by involving yourself into activities like promoting, business sharing, reviewing and taking pictures etc.
  • The level of flexibility in online work is much higher as compared to other fields. You do not have any boss over you hence you can plan your entire day as per your will. You can work from anywhere provided you have the internet connection at your disposal.
  • The level of investment in online work is in most of the cases “zero”. All you need is a working computer and a good internet connection. For working online, you do not require any office at all; rather you can turn your bedroom into an office.
  • Another major advantage of making money through the internet is that you do not require any serious skill for it. Your level of education would not determine your success or failure in the field. It is all about how creative you are? And how much effort you can make.
  • In most of the cases online payment is done through PayPal which means that the money is transferred automatically into your account. You do not need to go to your bank and check your cash status again and again.


Now let’s look into some of the disadvantages or demerits related to online business or making money through the internet

  • Isolation can be the biggest disadvantage which you may face while working online. Since you are working from your home hence your social contact decreases which ultimately results in isolation and loneliness.
  • Being exposed to computer screen throughout the day can have adverse effects on your eyes and overall health
  • Scammers can really make you suffer while working online. You do not know that the person with whom you are dealing with is credible or not?

If you are someone who is looking to work online, then you must keep into consideration the above mentioned facts. Take your decision wisely and be honest with yourself. See to it that whether you are capable of online work or not?


Making money online or through the internet is something which has become very popular in recent years. There are many reasons behind the boom of this concept and today more and more people are moving towards it. People are happy working from their homes and earning easy money.