Top Paying Freelance Jobs Of 2018

Being a freelancer means to get famous and rich progressively in years without really working permanently for anyone. It has been an emerging field recently as there has been a shift from conventional jobs to other fields as well.

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Want something more mainstream? Take a look at this list!

Top Paying Freelance Jobs Of 2018

Here are few of the top paying freelance jobs of 2018:

  1. Internet Security Specialist: If you are a tech-nerd and are highly interested in internet and its world, especially security from bugs and viruses, then why not be a freelance internet security specialist? It has enough profit in itself and its perks as well. You really don’t have to go and have a monotonous job routine, and you can work according to your comfort. Even the payout offered is decent.
  2. SEO Specialist: Recently, SEO specialists are in demand as there are many companies who want to be on the top of Google search engine. Hence, companies and brands need writers who can work well with keywords to give them a privilege of easily being found.
  3. Copywriter: If you are confusing it with content writers and marketers, then don’t. It is a completely new domain where the writer writes about the topic for any web page or product descriptions in general. Even the salary offered is pretty good and appealing too.
  4. Teacher: A teaching job is certainly loved by many people, and you can become an online tutor if you master any field or even if you are not a master, you can at least teach high school students regarding their simple concepts.
  5. Game Developer: This is something a very passionate gamer or coder can do. Also, you can develop a game yourself and get it included in google app store as well. Another thing can be to make this game a worldwide success by your secret cheat codes.
  6. Blog Writer: This, again, is something different than content writing. You can write your views about a topic of your interest, or simply do it on a contract for someone else. In both the cases, you shall be doing what you like as well as earning a handsome payout per hour as well.

Apart from these jobs mentioned above, there are many other freelance jobs which can earn you a decent amount, and you won’t have to work on someone else’s terms. These jobs come with the financial security as well as the excitement of working on different projects.


Making money online or through the internet is something which has become very popular in recent years. There are many reasons behind the boom of this concept and today more and more people are moving towards it. People are happy working from their homes and earning easy money.