Blogging and Online Money

One of the legitimate ways through which you can make money online is blogging. Blogging is a healthy activity and perhaps is one of the funniest ways to earn money online. However Blogging is one of those jobs that require some serious level of discipline, patience and persistence. In Blogging it may take years for you to earn money hence you can understand what level of patience is actually required from you. Money starts getting generated through blogging, once people start to read your writings. The higher the traffic you generate, the better the results will be for you. In this article we are assuming that you have generated good enough traffic and now you want to monetize your blog. Some tips regarding blog monetizing are as follows


The best and the most traditional way of earning money are through advertisements. This tactic is good; however money can only be made by you once people start viewing your ads in thousands. You can do the selling of your spots (advertising) either on your own site or you may be take help from company like Google AdSense.


The concept of video blog has gained a lot acceptance from the market. As a Blogger you can get your ideas transformed into videos. You can post these videos on forums like YouTube to get good reviews. Though reviews won’t be in millions however they will be good enough to earn some cash.


There is no shortage of Affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate where you can promote the services and goods of other individuals. All you need to do is to get a banner fixed on your page. You will earn the percentage if a customer clicks the banner and purchases the advertised goods or services. You need to keep in mind that the product selected by you should fall in to your blog category.


Offering a subscription service is not a bad option at all especially if you have something valuable to offer. You can get your blogs subscribed. The subscription of the blog means a fee will be charged every time your blog is sent out.


You can develop a paid membership area on your particular blog. This tactic is applicable only for the content that can be accessed by you only in the member’s area.

Sponsored posts

You can do some sponsored blogging as well which means that you will be writing about a specific company or a brand. You will be paid by the company for publishing content on their behalf.  You need to build a fair amount of traffic if you want to go for sponsoring of posts. High traffic guarantees higher viewership for you which will ultimately result in higher revenue as well.

These were some of the tactics that can be applied by you If you want monetize your blogs. You can find and search out several other tactics as well however the ones that are mentioned here are ideal to get started with.


Making money online or through the internet is something which has become very popular in recent years. There are many reasons behind the boom of this concept and today more and more people are moving towards it. People are happy working from their homes and earning easy money.